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I’m obsessed with … USA Olympics

Let’s get real, who’s not?

From the Women’s Gymnastics Fab 5 to Mr. Phelps and Mr. Lochte to swim sensation Missy Franklin to the volleyball, rowing, diving and basketball … you name it, I probably watch it.

To date, my top 5 fave moments include:

  1. Gabby winning the Women’s Gymnastics all-around — what a little rockstar!
  2. Men’s Diving bronze medal win for¬†David Boudia and Nick McCrory in the 10-meter platform.
  3. Missy Franklin’s first gold medal for the 100-meter backstroke.
  4. Anything including Michael Phelps and/or Ryan Lochte.
  5. Fab 5 clinching the Women’s Gymnastics GOLD.

As I write this, we are trailing the medal count by 1 from China — they have 61 and we have 60. But I have faith that we’ll pull out a W by the end of the games.

Overall I think that there is just something about the Games that unites a country (red, white & blue!!) and I love our daily morning conversations at work that typically start with “Did you see [insert event name here] last night??! Unreal.”

I love it. I also love knowing that our Olympians are normal, have fun and are… goofy. Enjoy: