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Grace + Jillian

Cubs. Jillian. Signature Lounge. Beach. Grace. Chicago. Millennium Park. Wendella.

What do these words have in common?

Combined they made for one memorable and amazing way to spend the final weekend of July in Chicago.

I’ve been told I’m a good host. It’s actually something that’s important to me — hosting my visitors in such a way that moving to Chicago crosses their mind at least once. I’m only 50% kidding.

Jillian arrived Thursday night and we spent Friday as rivals: Cubs vs. Cards. Spent the day in Wrigleyville. Let’s not talk about the game…

Saturday morning Grace arrived and we relaxed the day away on Oak Street Beach. I may or may not have also been a tad hung over. We wrapped up the weekend as tourists taking in some of Chi’s hottest sights: Millennium Park, Wendella boat tour, Hancock 96th floor Signature Lounge, riding the el, Wrigley Field (take two, with Jillian’s parents), and beer tasting at Goose Island Brewery.

Grace asked me if I ever get tired of doing the touristy stuff. Awesome question. The answer is: no I don’t. There are so many added benefits — catching up with good friends, laughing about old memories and creating new ones, reminding myself why I love Chi so much, experiencing new things myself, and living life.


One thing I love about summer…

Ok so truth be told, I love pretty much everything about summer … BUT I absolutely love impromptu, amazing nights. A perfect example was last night:

Cubs vs. Tigers game with one of my favorite people Amanda!!

Aside from the fact that she’s from Michigan and was a Tigers fan last night 😉 last night was one of those crazy nights that just makes you appreciate and love life that much more.

Added bonus? The Cubs actually pulled out a W!!

Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday #top5

The weather forecast this week reminds me that it’s time to swap out the winter boots for my summer shoes! LOVE this time of the year. If you’re looking to replenish your shoe wardrobe, here is my #top5 guide to summer shoes:

(1) Wedges

My fave shoe trend. It’s hard to believe wedges are actually comfortable. My go-to pair are these from Target, or I love this pair too. Affordable and stylish? Love.

(2) Sperrys

I love wearing my Sperrys in case I ever find myself on a boat. Also because (after breaking them in) they are unbelievably comfortable and the perfect ‘daily wear’ pair of summer shoes.

(3) TOMS

There are so many reasons to support TOMS. #1 is that for every pair you purchase, a pair is donated to a child in need. One for one. Hard to argue. Another reason? They feel like slippers on your feet. Perfect for a day touring around the city!

(4) Go-To Peep-Toe Pumps

I absolutely am obsessed with my go-to nude pumps. Why? They match everything and dress up any summery outfit. This specific pair is the Aldo Hayth, but check out all their nude shoes here.

(5) Sandals

Every girl needs a go-to, multi-use flat sandal. Not only do these go with any summery outfit, they’re also the perfect alternative to those plastic thong sandals we all grew up with. Check out this pair from Target – where else?!

I’m obsessed with… the WEATHER!

Um so it is a little weird that it’s March and feels like mid-summer, but I’m going to appreciate it while it’s here… you just never know with Mother Nature.

The weather has such an impact on my life. So let’s break down 4 awesome things that make me obsessed with this weather:

(1) Lunch outside

This photo was taken at lunch last Tuesday. How awesome is that? We ate at the tables in Millennium Park right in front of the Bean. I absolutely love taking a break from work midday and spending it outside with my girlfriends. Have I mentioned the trees are in bloom? OBSESSED.

(2) Running on the Lake

Running outside is so invigorating. My fave place to run in the city? Along the lake! This is the first year since I moved to Chi that I have run on the lake in March in a tank and shorts. I absolutely cannot get enough of bumping to some tunes, people watching/sightseeing, and getting a solid workout in. And the view going south is TO DIE FOR. Seriously? OBSESSED.

(3) Sunset + Rooftop + Wine

That is the view looking south from our rooftop patio last Wednesday (not a high quality image taken on a Blackberry, fail) but amazing nonetheless. Hearing that rain was coming soon, the crew came over to take advantage of the weather. We sipped some wine as the sun set, met some other building residents and enjoyed the view. I envision this as the start to a significant number of similar nights this summer. OBSESSED.

(4) No coat

This is pretty straight forward … until it rains midday and I realize that I have no coat and no umbrella. But whatevs. I LOVE being able to just go. It’s so liberating. OBSESSED.