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Friday Chi Faves: Sailing

This is my fifth Chicago summer. This was my first sailing experience. LOVE.

Lin’s friend Bill is a member of the Chicago Yacht Club and was kind enough to invite Lin, Meg and I along to see the start of the Race to Mackinac. It’s a sailing race from Chicago to Mackinac Island — and it’s a BIG deal. With more than 350 participants, it is the longest annual freshwater sailing race in the world. It was super impressive.

Bill and his yachting buddies were the most gracious hosts and the boat we were on was ridiculously nice. The overall experience makes me think about learning how to sail … but then again, it was nice to relax while our yachting experts did the actual work ha!

While we did not race, we thoroughly enjoyed our spectator experience. We learned a lot of new words — for instance, the bow is the front of the boat, met some awesome people, swam in Lake Michigan for the first time ever (so refreshing!) and spent the better part of the day relaxing, laying out and chatting on the bow.

It was basically summer perfection … and I am on board with that!


Friday Chi Faves: Oak Street Beach

Well it looks like I’ve staked out the spot I’ll be spending my summer:


First of all, how does a relaxing, beautiful beach like this land in downtown Chicago? I’m not arguing it … I suppose I’m just curious. And grateful.

Located right off Lake Shore Drive and on the shore of Lake Michigan, Oak Street Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Chicago.

There are other beaches in Chicago so why do I love Oak Street Beach? (A) Most important: it’s literally a 10-minute walk from my apartment (B) It feels uber-local to me — specifically because there is no parking so you know all the other beach-goers had to have walked, biked, etc. (C) It’s an extremely relaxed beach — no “spring break” feel whatsoever. Instead it allows me the peace and quiet I need to read and nap for hours on end.

If you need a pick-me-up? No worries. There are usually ice cream carts around, but also a full restaurant located right on the beach.

Let’s not drag this post out though. If you’ve never been, it’s awesome — just like you trusted me with Hunger Games, trust me now.

See you there tomorrow!!

Friday Chi Faves: Running Lakeside

I have three favorite views of Chi.

(1) View of Chi from Lake Michigan:

(2) View of Chi from Museum Campus:

(3) And my fave! View of Chi from Lake Shore path:


This post isn’t about my favorite views of Chicago though, even though I’m sure you’re glad to know. This post is about running along the lake. It is hands down my favorite place to run in the entire city.

Sticking with the theme of threes, the top 3 reasons I love running along the lake include: (1) there are no traffic lights aka stopping every 20 feet (2) there is something exhilarating about running with what feelings like 25% of Chicago along the lake and (3) the views.

I’m not a hardcore runner so my outdoor running occurs in the right weather conditions spring thru fall with a good playlist. The people-watching along the lake is stellar. Top notch. But the best part of my run is when I’m past Castaways running south and I see my favorite view: the Chicago skyline. It takes my breath away every time. It somehow makes me remember how much and why I love this city. It’s truly stunning.

Never tried it? Well I highly recommend it (maybe not this week) but the weather report is looking a little brighter next week. And if you see me, wave and say HI!!

I’m obsessed with… the WEATHER!

Um so it is a little weird that it’s March and feels like mid-summer, but I’m going to appreciate it while it’s here… you just never know with Mother Nature.

The weather has such an impact on my life. So let’s break down 4 awesome things that make me obsessed with this weather:

(1) Lunch outside

This photo was taken at lunch last Tuesday. How awesome is that? We ate at the tables in Millennium Park right in front of the Bean. I absolutely love taking a break from work midday and spending it outside with my girlfriends. Have I mentioned the trees are in bloom? OBSESSED.

(2) Running on the Lake

Running outside is so invigorating. My fave place to run in the city? Along the lake! This is the first year since I moved to Chi that I have run on the lake in March in a tank and shorts. I absolutely cannot get enough of bumping to some tunes, people watching/sightseeing, and getting a solid workout in. And the view going south is TO DIE FOR. Seriously? OBSESSED.

(3) Sunset + Rooftop + Wine

That is the view looking south from our rooftop patio last Wednesday (not a high quality image taken on a Blackberry, fail) but amazing nonetheless. Hearing that rain was coming soon, the crew came over to take advantage of the weather. We sipped some wine as the sun set, met some other building residents and enjoyed the view. I envision this as the start to a significant number of similar nights this summer. OBSESSED.

(4) No coat

This is pretty straight forward … until it rains midday and I realize that I have no coat and no umbrella. But whatevs. I LOVE being able to just go. It’s so liberating. OBSESSED.