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Juice Cleansing.

According to Wikipedia, spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. A juice cleanse is like spring cleaning your body. I’ve thought about doing it in the past and I’ve had friends complete them so when I saw the 3-day Peeled juice cleanse on Groupon, I was on board.

Interesting experience.

Someone warned me to research prepping for a cleanse so after reading an interesting article, I started prepping one week before my cleanse. Omitting foods gradually from my diet — carbs, sweets, caffeine, dairy, meat until I was eating only fruits and vegetables for the two days leading up to the cleanse. I felt good going into it.

The cleanse lasts 3-days (there’s also an option for 5-days) and allows the body to release old toxins built-up in the system and help cleanse the blood. Awesome. It’s 6 drinks per day, drink them 2 hours apart. You start the day with a Green Machine — spinach, kale, etc. Drink 2 is Haute Lemonade, think lemonade + cayenne pepper. Drink 3 was The Red Line — pressed watermelon (my fave). Drink 4 was another Green Machine. Drink 5 was another Red Line. Then wrap up your day with drink 6 Cashew Milk. In addition to the 6 juices, you can drink as much water and green tea as you’d like.

Day 1 was spent just getting through the juices. I learned the smartest way to do that is to chug. I was surprised that I wasn’t starving. Day 2 was the hardest for me — I literally wanted to eat ANYTHING. I went to bed early just so I’d stop being hungry. By the time I finished day 2, I knew I was in the home stretch and I could do it so day 3 was really rewarding for me. The one mistake I made was trying to workout. I literally thought I might pass out so I definitely do not recommend working out on a cleanse.

Overall I feel awesome post-cleanse and it was the perfect kick-start to get me back on track with my healthy lifestyle!


Peeled Chicago

1571 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60614



Thursdays past…

Hands down one of my favorite summer activities is softball.

The Wednesday Bagels were back again this year!! After a solid inaugural season last summer, my Thursday nights were once again spent on the pitching mound for the 12″ Co-ed Recreational Chicago Sport & Social Club league at Waveland Fields.


Our season ended July 19th with a 2-6-1 record. I already miss it!

While we may not have taken home the most Ws in the league, I think it’s safe to say that my coworkers and I had the most fun in the league. And I only took one line drive to the thigh so that was positive (yes, I still have the remnants of the bruise).

Congratulations to all my teammates on a great season!!

[Wednesday Bagels 2012]

I’m obsessed with … my co-workers

Think about it: you spend a ton of time with your co-workers. Specifically Monday-Friday, you most likely spend more time with your co-workers than anyone else.


Lucky for me, some of those co-workers have turned into friends … and I’m obsessed with them.

[My Groupon besties]

Looking back over the past 19 months at Groupon, the people rock. Whether we’re eating lunch, calling for that solid, venting, rehashing The Bachelor, playing softball, or at the typical happy hour, my co-workers are so fab.

I’ve changed teams quite a bit and I’m often asked whether or not they were good changes. In addition to the exposure to different products, divisions, etc, I would say yes because it’s given me the opportunity to meet new people. And I am a people person.

Team 1: Team KP, October 2010-May 2011

Team 2: Launching Groupon Now in the OC (California), May-June 2011

Team 3: Team Bob, June-November 2011

Team 4: Team Jackie, Account Managers of South Florida, November 2011-Present

As an added bonus, I’ve continued great friendships with my co-workers from HGTV:


I’m a big believer of making the most of what you’re given. Everyone has something to bring to the table. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the people who have crossed my path along the road of figuring out what I’m doing with my life … specifically because I can tell some of them will be in my life forever.

So that was deep. Let’s enjoy some fab, upbeat photos since I found about 10,000 relevant pictures for this post:

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I’m obsessed with … the Groupon Holiday Party

Confused? Where’s Workout Wednesday? This is what happens when I fail all weekend and don’t get my shit together for Monday. But I love this post so … Wednesday it is!!

What happens when you put together:

Andrew Mason

The Aragon Ballroom

Open Bar



Hundreds of Groupon Employees?


The venue was siiiiiiick, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We kicked off with a little pre-party action at Aaron’s, everyone dressed to the nines and Ann rocking the wink:

Given the fact that we have no dress code at work (sweats accepted) there’s something about seeing everyone in their holiday best that makes me smile. We headed to Aragon fashionably late and were greeted with bellydancers (not kidding), people walking around on stilts and amazingness galore. I literally think you have to experience it to understand but Groupon knows how to throw a party. While it was easy to get separated, our group did an excellent job of staying together. We crushed it in a balcony section then headed to the dance floor to tear it up.


Overall the night was a huge success.

Added bonus: a significant number of the Groupon employees in attendance had an extremely awkward Monday! I’m still hearing hilarious, non-blog-appropriate stories from the night … LOVE. IT. And love my bomb coworkers that make it all possible.