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Tuesday #top5 Packing List

Sunday = Jamaica!! Petersen Family Vacation 2012 sans my bro.

I literally am beyond excited at this point. Being the planner that I am, I’ve already started my packing list for my week of relaxation, sun and time spent with my parents. Here are the #top5 items on my packing list:

(1) Swim Suit — duh. My #1 outfit of choice in Jamaica will be a swimsuit. Soaking up that sun!!

[Victoria’s Secret Swim top + bottom, $42]

(2) Cover-up — en route to and from the beach in style … need to have a comfortable and stylish look!

[Victoria’s Secret, $34.50; Target, $17.99]

(3) Summer Hat — I feel as though my time spent in the sun will require protection above and beyond sunscreen. The answer? A hat!!

[J.Crew Summer Straw Hat, $34.50]

(4) Sunglasses — since LASIK I rarely go outside with eye protection. Sunglasses are a must.

[Ray-Ban RB3362 004/N1 COCKPIT, $150]

(5) Maxi Dress — for lounging or for dinner, a maxi dress is perfect vacation evening wear. Relaxing and comfortable yet stylish and sexy. This is my most recent fave:

[No longer available, similar here Gap, $50-70]

Anything I’m missing? Any recommendations for my packing list or to do list in Jamaica? All ideas are welcome!


Tuesday #top5 Bags

My cross-body bag is on its’ last legs — literally. A time like this is always bittersweet. Sad to say good-bye to my current bag. But exciting to start the search for my next bag!!

I’ve decided that my next bag will be an “investment piece”. The qualifications for my bag? It needs to be a neutral color because I’ll be using it on a daily basis. It needs to be roomy enough to carry my essentials (i.e. wallet, sunglasses, keys, etc). I need to be obsessed with it.

Here are the #top5 on my list in no particular order…

(1) Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth — in black, $398

(2) MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Ukita — in mink, $528

(3) Longchamp “Le Pliage – Small” Shoulder Tote — in beige, $125

(4) Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Leslie — in black, $348

(5) Louis Vitton Artsy MM — in Monogram canvas, $1,670

I’m open to other recommendations because these may or may not be outside my possible price range. Am I missing any of your favorites?

Tuesday #top5 Summer Style

I suppose this could be considered my second dive into the world of fashion via blog. Check out my first attempt here with mint green, seriously love. Taking that out of the equation, here are my #top5 summer fashion trends:

(1) Neon

I’m not a “go big or go home” girl when it comes to neon. A small dose makes a big impact. I love neon three ways: accessories (jewelry, belts, nail polish, etc), swimwear and workout clothing/gear:

(2) Colored Jeans

I’ve loved colored jeans ever since Milan Akerman wore them last fall. Since then it seems everyone is testing out the rainbow, and I am too:

[Image from Mirror]

(3) Maxi

Skirt, dress, solid, print … you cannot go wrong with this simple, comfortable style. Perfect for a day at the office, running errands or bumming around the city:

(4) Lace

I love how lace bumps up any look a notch. It’s lady-like and sophisticated but can also be stylish and fun:

(5) White jeans

My Gram loves wearing white. Always has, always will. I’ll never forget the day Gram wore all white to go hiking. A true class act. I absolutely love white … specifically white jeans:

Tuesday #top5 MINT

I realize I don’t often dabble into the style/fashion-category, but I literally cannot ignore this trend because I am 150% on board: MINT. It’s cool, sexy, springy, flirty and fun. Here are my #top5 favorite ways to incorporate this trend into your life, because if I can do it? You can totally do it:


[Splurge at Barneys] [Save at Urban Outfitters]


[Splurge at Prada] [Save at Forever 21]


[Splurge at Topshop] [Save at Old Navy]


[Queen’s Wardrobe is apparently the only place in town with this trench]


Whether you go with Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, etc … you cannot go wrong with mint nails. Love!

Some faves that didn’t make the top 5? Jewelry, skirt, dress, top, shoes, belt, scarf … ice cream?!

Check out some of my favorite bloggers taking on the MINT:

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All images sourced from Pinterest.

Congratulations Megan!

In a Special Edition post, I’d like to extend a massive, congratulatory shout out to Megan. Remember? I’m obsessed with her.

Her fashion post inspired by InStyle magazine, landed her in InStyle magazine!

Page 74 of the April issue to be exact:



Check out and subscribe Megan’s blog The Thread Affect by clicking here.