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I’m obsessed with … Jillian

Have you ever heard this quote?

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” –Unknown

So true.

She came into my life toward the end of 6th grade. I gave her a tour of the school as she was going to be starting at Bettendorf Middle School for 7th grade. She was more like a sister than friend throughout high school being on the dance team together. Stayed friends through college despite the distance as she ventured to Texas. And to this day, Jillian remains one of my closest friends.

You may remember her from this trip I took to Dallas. Aside from our annual weekend get together in Dallas or Chicago, we keep in touch via phone calls, emails, Twitter, Facebook and most recently … you can follow her blog: KeepnUpWithJ

My favorite? Our annual weekend get together, obvi. Time spent with Jillian is spontaneous, its quality and it’s a guaranteed awesome time.

So why is this post so timely given my trip to Dallas was last October? Well Miss Jillian just booked herself a Chi weekend extravaganza for July!! I could not be more excited and literally feel like I’m already counting the days.

Shall we countdown together? T-67 days!!

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Dallas Recap

With a 50/50 chance, I actually did come home from Dallas.  I freaking love Texas.  Have I mentioned Texas weather is flawless?  Their fall is basically Midwest summer – 80s, sunny and perfect.

Top 5 favorite memories from the trip:

(5) Margaritas as big as my head at dinner at Esparza’s Mexican Restaurant on Friday (everything is bigger in Texas)

(4) Watching 4 years of old Golduster dance videos, BEST DECISION EVER.

(3) Visiting Rangers Ballpark (my dad would be proud)

(2) Breakfast with Meredith & Michael: pumpkin pancakes (amazing!) and a taste test of her wedding = the gown (gorgeous!)

(1) Texas Tailgating for the A&M v. Alabama game at Cowboy Stadium

Honorable mention … eating real Texas BBQ

Jillian – you’re the best.  And one of these days I hope to make my dreams of moving there a reality.  Stay tuned for my next trip, which we’ve decided is going to be a longer “Tour of Texas” through San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas.