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I’m obsessed with … one commercial

I appreciate creativity. I also appreciate DVR. Lin and I are “fast-forward-thru-commercials” type people; however, I am obsessed with one commercial: the Google Chrome commercial, Coffee.

It’s creative. It’s adorable. And it can even bring a tear to my eye it’s so dang precious.

BUT don’t take my word for it … watch it for yourself:

Thoughts? I love!


I’m obsessed with … Super Bowl Commercials

What would you do with $3.5 million dollars? Have a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl 2012? Samsies!

I’d say for the companies that commit to this, there’s a bit of pressure to produce an awesome, f’ing commercial.

Here were my top 3 commercials this year:

Hyundai Genesis “Rocky”

M&M “Sexy & I Know It”

Budweiser “Eternal Optimism”

Thoughts? What were your faves?

Congrats to the Giants!!

YouTube Tuesday: Black Friday Commercials

Black Friday is just around the corner which means no time like the present to start advertising some of the biggest sales of the year while slowly eroding this silly shopping tradition opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day (fail). But regardless … Walmart is sweeping my list of Top 5 Black Friday commercials of 2011. Check them out:

5. Macy’s – Guys Scream for Justin Bieber

4. Walmart – Name the Aisle

3. Target РElliptical 

2. Walmart – Calling an Audible

1. Walmart – Shopping List

Walmart’s commercials are short, direct, and hilariously accurate — which I know having participated annually in waking up at the crack of dawn for some Black Friday shopping.

What are your thoughts? Any good ones I’ve left out?