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THE challenge: thetwentysixthyear vs. The Thread Affect

The time has come…

THE challenge, 1st edition

vs. The Thread Affect

December 1, 2011


(5) Wine. The ol’ standby and my go-to for any gathering (holiday or not). However, this holiday season I’m raising the bar … no more Three Buck Chuck in cheap gift bag. Nicer wine, appropriately festive:

(4) Baked Goods. My stand-by #2. Not just any baked goods either … f’ing delicious baked goods, also in festive packaging:

(3) Crate & Barrel Wine Charms. These little suckers are cute! Plus they’ll help keep your hostess gift #5 away from anyone else’s #5.

(2) Bath & Body Works Icing Candle Sleeve + Candle. The candle sleeve and candle are sold separately but seriously … so bomb. Stylish, festive and smells good? No brainer. I actually recommend taking a look at all their candle sleeves and candles¬†here.¬† All winners in my book.

(1) Peppermint Stick Cocoa. I recently have become a fan of any gift that is edible and comes in a jar. Cookies, bread mix, stew … and now, hot cocoa. They really hit the holiday nail on the head with this peppermint stick cocoa. In my home, this wouldn’t last 24 hours in the jar after receiving. Maybe pair with a cute holiday mug or two? Yum:

Not ready to be done with this riveting post? Ok …

Honorable Mention: Garrett’s Popcorn Holiday Gallon. Not only is this holiday-oriented and a great gift idea, but it’s also soooo Chicago.

And here officially ends the post.

So what did The Thread Affect come up with for the Top 5 Holiday Hostess Gifts? Check it out here!!

Thoughts? Anything we missed?

Be sure to check back January 1, 2012 (umm … where did 2011 go?!) for the next thetwentysixthyear vs. The Thread Affect challenge. Topic TBD.