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I’m obsessed with … USA Olympics

Let’s get real, who’s not?

From the Women’s Gymnastics Fab 5 to Mr. Phelps and Mr. Lochte to swim sensation Missy Franklin to the volleyball, rowing, diving and basketball … you name it, I probably watch it.

To date, my top 5 fave moments include:

  1. Gabby winning the Women’s Gymnastics all-around — what a little rockstar!
  2. Men’s Diving bronze medal win for David Boudia and Nick McCrory in the 10-meter platform.
  3. Missy Franklin’s first gold medal for the 100-meter backstroke.
  4. Anything including Michael Phelps and/or Ryan Lochte.
  5. Fab 5 clinching the Women’s Gymnastics GOLD.

As I write this, we are trailing the medal count by 1 from China — they have 61 and we have 60. But I have faith that we’ll pull out a W by the end of the games.

Overall I think that there is just something about the Games that unites a country (red, white & blue!!) and I love our daily morning conversations at work that typically start with “Did you see [insert event name here] last night??! Unreal.”

I love it. I also love knowing that our Olympians are normal, have fun and are… goofy. Enjoy:



I’m obsessed with … one commercial

I appreciate creativity. I also appreciate DVR. Lin and I are “fast-forward-thru-commercials” type people; however, I am obsessed with one commercial: the Google Chrome commercial, Coffee.

It’s creative. It’s adorable. And it can even bring a tear to my eye it’s so dang precious.

BUT don’t take my word for it … watch it for yourself:

Thoughts? I love!

I’m obsessed with … my life!

Well I just got back to Chi after an amazing weekend home in Iowa and I literally can’t help but think that life is pretty great right now. In fact, it’s f’ing awesome.


I recently read a quote on Twitter about being the best you. A weekend in Iowa always allows time for self-reflection and what I’ve realized that I’m the best me when I’m doing things I love and surrounding myself with the people I love. I don’t have everything workout out yet, but I’m young — I’m not supposed to. I’m supposed to learn, grow, experience and enjoy.

So yeah — life is pretty FAB!!

Ok I’ll step off my blog soapbox now…

I’m obsessed with … Jillian

Have you ever heard this quote?

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” –Unknown

So true.

She came into my life toward the end of 6th grade. I gave her a tour of the school as she was going to be starting at Bettendorf Middle School for 7th grade. She was more like a sister than friend throughout high school being on the dance team together. Stayed friends through college despite the distance as she ventured to Texas. And to this day, Jillian remains one of my closest friends.

You may remember her from this trip I took to Dallas. Aside from our annual weekend get together in Dallas or Chicago, we keep in touch via phone calls, emails, Twitter, Facebook and most recently … you can follow her blog: KeepnUpWithJ

My favorite? Our annual weekend get together, obvi. Time spent with Jillian is spontaneous, its quality and it’s a guaranteed awesome time.

So why is this post so timely given my trip to Dallas was last October? Well Miss Jillian just booked herself a Chi weekend extravaganza for July!! I could not be more excited and literally feel like I’m already counting the days.

Shall we countdown together? T-67 days!!

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I’m obsessed with … MY MOM

Confirmed: I’m obsessed with … MY MOM

[Cubs Game – Labor Day Weekend]

Growing up, she reminded me to clean my room, drove me from activity to activity to activity, helped with homework, planned forced family fun and would discipline me when necessary (shocking but I was not the perfect child).

What I didn’t realize was that through all the day-to-day tasks, my mom was giving me the foundation that has turned me into the independent, self-sufficient, and confident woman I am today.

[Yosemite National Park in California]

After graduating college, starting her career at John Deere, starting a family AND getting her MBA, my mom chose her path in educating America’s youth – teaching marketing and running the internship program at Augustana College.

Mom’s drive to establish unbelievable internship opportunities for her students around the globe (Australia, England, Spain, Russia and China!) is remarkable and inspiring. Ask students and alum about KP and you’ll hear great things. Tell them you’re KP’s daughter? I immediately graduate to legend status in their mind.

[Zoo Lights in Chicago]

I could go on and on about how bomb my mom is, but I guess if I had written my own Hallmark card to her it’d be something like this:

You are a great mom. Thank you for everything you’ve done, everything you do and everything you have yet to do. I cherish the time we spend together – just thinking of you puts a smile on my face. You are truly an inspiration and hero in my life and I cannot imagine a better role model. Every day I hope I make you proud. I love you.

[Zip-lining in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico]

I’m obsessed with … my co-workers

Think about it: you spend a ton of time with your co-workers. Specifically Monday-Friday, you most likely spend more time with your co-workers than anyone else.


Lucky for me, some of those co-workers have turned into friends … and I’m obsessed with them.

[My Groupon besties]

Looking back over the past 19 months at Groupon, the people rock. Whether we’re eating lunch, calling for that solid, venting, rehashing The Bachelor, playing softball, or at the typical happy hour, my co-workers are so fab.

I’ve changed teams quite a bit and I’m often asked whether or not they were good changes. In addition to the exposure to different products, divisions, etc, I would say yes because it’s given me the opportunity to meet new people. And I am a people person.

Team 1: Team KP, October 2010-May 2011

Team 2: Launching Groupon Now in the OC (California), May-June 2011

Team 3: Team Bob, June-November 2011

Team 4: Team Jackie, Account Managers of South Florida, November 2011-Present

As an added bonus, I’ve continued great friendships with my co-workers from HGTV:


I’m a big believer of making the most of what you’re given. Everyone has something to bring to the table. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the people who have crossed my path along the road of figuring out what I’m doing with my life … specifically because I can tell some of them will be in my life forever.

So that was deep. Let’s enjoy some fab, upbeat photos since I found about 10,000 relevant pictures for this post:

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I’m obsessed with … Grandpa Pete

Sticking with the theme of people I’m thankful for, meet Grandpa Pete:

[Grandpa Pete’s 85th Birthday — Grandpa + Grandkids]

My Dad’s Dad, Grandpa Pete has been a positive influence my entire life. Since my Grandma Pete passed away in 2008, Grandpa has been living in Rock Island and I absolutely love visiting him when I make it back to Iowa. Some of my earliest memories with Grandpa and Grandma Pete include playing in the basement at their house (including learning to play ping-pong!), sleepovers complete with Grandma’s Swedish pancakes in the morning, playing wiffle ball in their backyard, and picking tomatoes and raspberries from Grandpa’s garden.

[Grandma & Grandpa Petersen, March 2010]

My Grandpa is so remarkable. He’s always been a man of few words, showing his love through affection and action. I will never forget how he and Grandma made it to almost every single dance performance growing up. And he is always so eager to hear about life in the big city … over some Whitey’s Ice Cream, of course!

[Visiting Grandpa, November 2012]

Over the years, he’s taught me the importance of family, time spent together, appreciation and faith. Anything that has rubbed off from Grandpa Pete in my life, you can guarantee is a good thing. He is truly the best and I am one lucky granddaughter!

[Grandpa Pete’s 85th Birthday — Father + Kids]