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26 years 364 days

Well this is it. The final day of my twenty-sixth year. September 5, 2012. I am officially 26 years 364 days old.

When I started this blog one year ago, I had no idea what I was doing but I did know I’d enjoy the ride. Last night I went through all my old posts and realized: mission accomplished!

Twenty-six was full of fabulousness — I have 20/15 vision, Baby Mikayla was born, I got my queen-sized bed, Lin & I have eaten very well, I’ve traveled more than I realized, I’ve loved every girls weekend, I’ve learned a ton and I’ve really grown as a person. A perfect journal of my 26th year.

The big changes are the scary ones.

The end of my twenty-sixth year was the start of change. Big change. I decided to focus on my career and I recently quit Groupon. Scary — leaving my friends, my comfort zone to explore what I can do leveraging my skill set to make a difference.

The start of my twenty-seventh year will continue this trend of change. I start my new job, my dream job next Monday. I will be a Marketing Specialist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois. I’m bringing my car to Chicago. I’m moving — in Chicago or out of Chicago — something that I haven’t really wrapped my head around yet.

As I figure out my life, I can breathe because I’m certain that everything will work out and I really do have so much to smile about.

Here’s to my 27th year!


Friday Chi Faves: Sailing

This is my fifth Chicago summer. This was my first sailing experience. LOVE.

Lin’s friend Bill is a member of the Chicago Yacht Club and was kind enough to invite Lin, Meg and I along to see the start of the Race to Mackinac. It’s a sailing race from Chicago to Mackinac Island — and it’s a BIG deal. With more than 350 participants, it is the longest annual freshwater sailing race in the world. It was super impressive.

Bill and his yachting buddies were the most gracious hosts and the boat we were on was ridiculously nice. The overall experience makes me think about learning how to sail … but then again, it was nice to relax while our yachting experts did the actual work ha!

While we did not race, we thoroughly enjoyed our spectator experience. We learned a lot of new words — for instance, the bow is the front of the boat, met some awesome people, swam in Lake Michigan for the first time ever (so refreshing!) and spent the better part of the day relaxing, laying out and chatting on the bow.

It was basically summer perfection … and I am on board with that!

Friday Chi Faves: The Field Museum

My cousin Mike, his wife Candi, and their kids Cassidy, Dominick and Mason were visiting Chicago a couple weeks ago. I’m lucky to have a pretty flexible work schedule so I was able to spend a Friday afternoon with them at the Field Museum.

[The fam + Sue]

MAN was I impressed!! That place is cool. We literally spent the entire afternoon going from one exhibit to the next — from animals, to Africa, to Ancient Egypt … the Tsavo Lions, Underground Adventure and Extreme Animals — unending amazement. My favorite? Dinosaur Hall. When is the last time you saw dinosaur fossils? So impressive. We also took in The Story of Sue in 3-D “Waking the T. Rex“. And Sue! The largest, most extensive and best preserved T-rex specimen is quite a site. Overall I’m a huge fan. Great place to spend the day with family!



Open every day except Christmas. 9am – 5pm


Museum Campus: 1400 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605


Different admission levels, check it out here.

We did the All Access Pass — Adult $29, Kids 3-11 $20, Students & Seniors (65+) $24


Added bonus to any visit to Museum Campus? The view of the city. Post-Field Museum, we walked along the Lake and took in the view. Gorgeous!!

Thursdays past…

Hands down one of my favorite summer activities is softball.

The Wednesday Bagels were back again this year!! After a solid inaugural season last summer, my Thursday nights were once again spent on the pitching mound for the 12″ Co-ed Recreational Chicago Sport & Social Club league at Waveland Fields.


Our season ended July 19th with a 2-6-1 record. I already miss it!

While we may not have taken home the most Ws in the league, I think it’s safe to say that my coworkers and I had the most fun in the league. And I only took one line drive to the thigh so that was positive (yes, I still have the remnants of the bruise).

Congratulations to all my teammates on a great season!!

[Wednesday Bagels 2012]


My blog hiatus started when life just got a little hectic. Meant to be a day … then a day turned into a week and so on. I came on today and noticed my last post was June 16. June 16. Seriously. I have to ask … where did the last month and a half go?!

Yes. I’m still alive.

There’s literally one answer: SUMMER IN CHICAGO

I am obsessed.

As I retire the hiatus and return to a work-life-blog balance, I am so excited to share all the fabulous things I’ve been doing and experiencing with the fabulous people in my life in this gorgeous weather we’ve been having all summer.

Stay tuned!!!


Mikayla Jean Reese

Born 6/12/2012 at 6:38am

Length: 20″   Weight: 7lb 5oz

Todd, Emily & Baby are doing great!

Call me Auntie Kate!

Ok let’s get real, have you ever seen a cuter baby?! I am so so so in love with her.

The due date was 6/6/2012. Of course my new baby cousin had to make an entrance! I was literally on the edge of my seat just waiting for a text/call from my cousin Todd. They live in California and to be honest, I’m not sure how long things like giving birth take so I knew I had to be patient, but I was just so dang excited.

I was at the Park Cafe in Millennium Park on Tuesday when I missed Todd’s call. Not kidding. I pulled out my phone, saw the missed call then saw the picture texts that I had a new cousin! Mikayla is seriously the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, not to mention she has the BEST parents — Todd and Emily. I love them all so much and am now counting the days until I meet her in August. Until then … I will live off the most adorable pictures texts like the one below I got yesterday:

 [Mikayla’s first hat]

Happy (early) 1st Father’s Day to my amazing cousin Todd!

One thing I love about summer…

Ok so truth be told, I love pretty much everything about summer … BUT I absolutely love impromptu, amazing nights. A perfect example was last night:

Cubs vs. Tigers game with one of my favorite people Amanda!!

Aside from the fact that she’s from Michigan and was a Tigers fan last night 😉 last night was one of those crazy nights that just makes you appreciate and love life that much more.

Added bonus? The Cubs actually pulled out a W!!

Love. Love. Love.