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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tourist for a DAY!

One of my best friends Jenny was visiting Chi a couple of weeks ago. Girlfriends from Drake, she is loyal, driven, dedicated, and beautiful. You may remember her as our gracious host in Arizona.

She was actually in town for her brother’s wedding so we didn’t get to spend 24/7 with her. In fact, we really only had one full day. Lin and I thought long and hard about how to really show Jenny our amazing city … in ONE day. What did we come up with?!


A tour that took us to 7 spots throughout Chicago, each one awesome and unique in its own way.

[Wendella Boat Cruise]

(1) Willis Tour [Sears Tower] Sky Deck

(2) Garrett Popcorn

(3) Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park

(4) Lunch at Park Cafe in Millennium Park

(5) Wendella 90-Minute Combined Lake & River Tour

(6) Walked the Mag Mile

(7) Dinner in Old Town at the Pour House

Topping off her experience, Jenny got to ride both the CTA “El” and buses!

[Sky Deck]

How awesome, huh? Our day definitely reminded me why tourists come to Chicago when I typically just get annoyed with them and their slow walking pace 🙂 And we only hit up 7 places … we missed so much, although we did hit up the Hangge Uppe on that Friday night ha! I highly recommend doing at least one copy cat of our day with visitors, then hit up some of my other Friday Faves with the rest of your time.

[Garrett Popcorn]


Friday Chi Faves: Oak Street Beach

Well it looks like I’ve staked out the spot I’ll be spending my summer:


First of all, how does a relaxing, beautiful beach like this land in downtown Chicago? I’m not arguing it … I suppose I’m just curious. And grateful.

Located right off Lake Shore Drive and on the shore of Lake Michigan, Oak Street Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Chicago.

There are other beaches in Chicago so why do I love Oak Street Beach? (A) Most important: it’s literally a 10-minute walk from my apartment (B) It feels uber-local to me — specifically because there is no parking so you know all the other beach-goers had to have walked, biked, etc. (C) It’s an extremely relaxed beach — no “spring break” feel whatsoever. Instead it allows me the peace and quiet I need to read and nap for hours on end.

If you need a pick-me-up? No worries. There are usually ice cream carts around, but also a full restaurant located right on the beach.

Let’s not drag this post out though. If you’ve never been, it’s awesome — just like you trusted me with Hunger Games, trust me now.

See you there tomorrow!!


Mikayla Jean Reese

Born 6/12/2012 at 6:38am

Length: 20″   Weight: 7lb 5oz

Todd, Emily & Baby are doing great!

Call me Auntie Kate!

Ok let’s get real, have you ever seen a cuter baby?! I am so so so in love with her.

The due date was 6/6/2012. Of course my new baby cousin had to make an entrance! I was literally on the edge of my seat just waiting for a text/call from my cousin Todd. They live in California and to be honest, I’m not sure how long things like giving birth take so I knew I had to be patient, but I was just so dang excited.

I was at the Park Cafe in Millennium Park on Tuesday when I missed Todd’s call. Not kidding. I pulled out my phone, saw the missed call then saw the picture texts that I had a new cousin! Mikayla is seriously the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, not to mention she has the BEST parents — Todd and Emily. I love them all so much and am now counting the days until I meet her in August. Until then … I will live off the most adorable pictures texts like the one below I got yesterday:

 [Mikayla’s first hat]

Happy (early) 1st Father’s Day to my amazing cousin Todd!

One thing I love about summer…

Ok so truth be told, I love pretty much everything about summer … BUT I absolutely love impromptu, amazing nights. A perfect example was last night:

Cubs vs. Tigers game with one of my favorite people Amanda!!

Aside from the fact that she’s from Michigan and was a Tigers fan last night 😉 last night was one of those crazy nights that just makes you appreciate and love life that much more.

Added bonus? The Cubs actually pulled out a W!!

Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday #top5 Bags

My cross-body bag is on its’ last legs — literally. A time like this is always bittersweet. Sad to say good-bye to my current bag. But exciting to start the search for my next bag!!

I’ve decided that my next bag will be an “investment piece”. The qualifications for my bag? It needs to be a neutral color because I’ll be using it on a daily basis. It needs to be roomy enough to carry my essentials (i.e. wallet, sunglasses, keys, etc). I need to be obsessed with it.

Here are the #top5 on my list in no particular order…

(1) Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth — in black, $398

(2) MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Ukita — in mink, $528

(3) Longchamp “Le Pliage – Small” Shoulder Tote — in beige, $125

(4) Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Leslie — in black, $348

(5) Louis Vitton Artsy MM — in Monogram canvas, $1,670

I’m open to other recommendations because these may or may not be outside my possible price range. Am I missing any of your favorites?

I’m obsessed with … one commercial

I appreciate creativity. I also appreciate DVR. Lin and I are “fast-forward-thru-commercials” type people; however, I am obsessed with one commercial: the Google Chrome commercial, Coffee.

It’s creative. It’s adorable. And it can even bring a tear to my eye it’s so dang precious.

BUT don’t take my word for it … watch it for yourself:

Thoughts? I love!

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today, this happened:

While I’ve been failing at the whole blog thing lately (jeesh sometimes life just gets in the way — I promise I’ve been loving life and will update this thing soon!) I felt as though this momentous occasion deserved a little blog action.


In addition to this one photo, a lot of things happened four years ago. I entertained my best friend getting her wedding hair-do with our ridiculous middle school scrapbooks. I witnessed my best friend marry her best friend. I bustled a dress fit for a princess. I gave my first and only (to-date) MOH speech. And I danced the night away in celebration of a relationship that I know will stand the test of time.

After four years, you silly gooses still blow my mind every day. Love you!!


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