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I’m obsessed with … MY MOM

Confirmed: I’m obsessed with … MY MOM

[Cubs Game – Labor Day Weekend]

Growing up, she reminded me to clean my room, drove me from activity to activity to activity, helped with homework, planned forced family fun and would discipline me when necessary (shocking but I was not the perfect child).

What I didn’t realize was that through all the day-to-day tasks, my mom was giving me the foundation that has turned me into the independent, self-sufficient, and confident woman I am today.

[Yosemite National Park in California]

After graduating college, starting her career at John Deere, starting a family AND getting her MBA, my mom chose her path in educating America’s youth – teaching marketing and running the internship program at Augustana College.

Mom’s drive to establish unbelievable internship opportunities for her students around the globe (Australia, England, Spain, Russia and China!) is remarkable and inspiring. Ask students and alum about KP and you’ll hear great things. Tell them you’re KP’s daughter? I immediately graduate to legend status in their mind.

[Zoo Lights in Chicago]

I could go on and on about how bomb my mom is, but I guess if I had written my own Hallmark card to her it’d be something like this:

You are a great mom. Thank you for everything you’ve done, everything you do and everything you have yet to do. I cherish the time we spend together – just thinking of you puts a smile on my face. You are truly an inspiration and hero in my life and I cannot imagine a better role model. Every day I hope I make you proud. I love you.

[Zip-lining in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico]


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September 6, 2011: I turn twenty-six years old. I live and work in downtown Chicago and really can't complain about too much -- great family, great friends, great life. So this is my personal blog. Experiencing and living my twenty-sixth year. I have no idea what to expect or where I'll be one year from now ... but one thing is certain: I will enjoy the ride.

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  1. sweet! Yes, your Mom is hard to beat! (kinda silly but it rhymed)
    Nice tribute Kate. You are blessed and you are blessing others!

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