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Drake Relays

It’s been a while since the Alpha Phi Class of 2008 has graced Drake’s campus.

[Alpha Phi, Class of 2008]

What’s bringing us back?


That’s right. Known to most as one of the largest and most important track meets on a high school, collegiate and professional level. Known to Drake students and Drake alum as the world’s best excuse to head back to Des Moines and have one big reunion.

[Drake Relays 2005]

Relays rock. While the meet itself is quite impressive the best memories ran from Street Painting, continuing all week long with events for Drinking Olympics then the actual Relays weekend.

[Keg Race, Drake Relays 2007]

I cannot believe that I’m headed back for my first Relays since 2009. This time I’m a true alum as I literally know no current students at Drake. In true Relays form, the weekend forecast is 50 and raining — clearly this means I’ll be sporting my ever-sexy Drake Alumni sweatshirt all weekend.

[Drinking Olympics, Drake Relays 2008]

While a recap will be necessary post-reunion with my favorite Drake Girls, I can guarantee that some fun times are on the horizon be it Peggy’s, the Library, Greek Reunion or the Alpha Phi Alumni Brunch.

[Drake Relays 2009]

Here’s to reliving the college life!!


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