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St Pat’s RECAP

So you already know my love of St. Pat’s from this post. This year lived up to the hype. Such a legit day. In fact, an entire bomb weekend with the most amazing Chi weather EVER.

The final numbers aren’t in yet but it’s looking like ChiRish raised about $4,000 for the Children’s Memorial Hospital. You can still donate here for a limited time if you’re interested.

Check out our ChiRish adventures here:


About thetwentysixthyear

September 6, 2011: I turn twenty-six years old. I live and work in downtown Chicago and really can't complain about too much -- great family, great friends, great life. So this is my personal blog. Experiencing and living my twenty-sixth year. I have no idea what to expect or where I'll be one year from now ... but one thing is certain: I will enjoy the ride.

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