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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Emily’s Baby Shower

I suppose this is the official announcement …


Say hello to Auntie Kate! Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it??!

A little more clarity? My cousin Todd and his wife Emily are expecting their first child (A BABY GIRL!!!) this June.

Our family is over the moon excited and recently we were able to host a baby shower for Lil’ Peanut. With Mother Nature on our side, we had the most beautiful day for the shower, hosted at my Aunt Deb’s house in Hoffman Estates – a northwest suburb of Chicago. We kicked off the shower with a couple of games with prizes going to the victors. Retreated downstairs for lunch then followed it up with gifts. Todd and Emily live in California so the big gifts were shipped straight to their house (i.e. the crib, changing table, etc). The gifts we did see were priceless — baby’s first bikini, the cutest tu-tu, and an amazing diaper cake. Overall, it was a success and Baby Reese made out like a bandit! Cannot wait to meet her!!



The expanding Reese clan!


Friday Chi Faves: Cubs Rooftop

With the Cubs Home Opener right around the corner (Thursday 4/5 1:20p vs. Nationals) I could not be more excited. It’s clear from this post that going to Wrigley is an experience. Another experience?


Rooftops rock. Unlimited food, unlimited beverage, exquisite interiors and stunning views of the game. Most rooftops have multiple floors and some even offer different cuisine on each floor. Truth.

My favorite rooftop game to date was this past summer over our annual summer Chi weekend when some of my Drake girls and their boyfriends travel to Chicago. We enjoyed the food, more than our share of the beverages and the Cubs even brought home a W. Perfection in my book.

Prices can range anywhere from the $50s to a couple hundred depending on game day, opponent and the Cubs current record. You can also get a group discount if you have that many friends … or more realistically are looking for a work-type outing. The Rooftops are also featured occasionally on group buying websites like Groupon!

The Rooftops of Wrigley:

Wrigleyville Rooftops

Beyond the Ivy

Brixen Ivy

3639 Wrigley Rooftop

Lake View Club

Skybox on Sheffield

Down the Line

Wrigley Rooftops

**The map is a little outdated, but great nonetheless**

LASIK Update

A lot of people ask for updates on my LASIK. The answer?


Life is good!

Please let me know if you’re interested in LASIK and want a referral or have any questions. Clearly I’m a fan. And I have super vision.

Travel Addict: Extreme Adventures Australia

Yesterday’s post reminded me of one of the best trip I’ve ever been on:

Extreme Adventures One Fish Two Fish Spring Break Trip

You may remember my study abroad experience in Australia from this post. One Fish Two Fish was my spring break trip: 9-days up the east coast of Australia, Brisbane to Cairns. AKA 9-day trip of waiver after waiver, signing my life away. Perfection.

Trip highlights:

[Group shot with our guides Tim & Belinda]

[Croc Hunter Steve Irwin at the Australia Zoo in Brisbane]

[Snorkeling … somewhere, maybe Fraser Island?]

[White Water Rafting the Tully River]

[The Whitsundays, paradise]

[Sailing and Snorkeling the Whitsundays]

[High Speed Ocean Rafting]

[AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping in Cairns]

[Bungy Swinging in Cairns]

[Off-roading 4WD Adventure]

[Post-Skydiving in Cairns]

[Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef]

[EXTREME Group Shot on the Reef]

Did you see a trend in the photos? Awesome, extreme sports every single day. Jeesh I miss it!

Unfortunately, this trip is only for students, but you could create something similar on your own if you were interested.

Next week I’ll give you  more tips on the what, when, where, and why of traveling to Australia. Stay tuned…

YouTube Tuesday: Bucket List Addition

When my friend watched this video, she got physically uncomfortable. When I watched this video, I realized this is the newest addition to my lifetime bucket list.

How do you feel about the World’s Largest Rope Swing??!

I’m obsessed with… the WEATHER!

Um so it is a little weird that it’s March and feels like mid-summer, but I’m going to appreciate it while it’s here… you just never know with Mother Nature.

The weather has such an impact on my life. So let’s break down 4 awesome things that make me obsessed with this weather:

(1) Lunch outside

This photo was taken at lunch last Tuesday. How awesome is that? We ate at the tables in Millennium Park right in front of the Bean. I absolutely love taking a break from work midday and spending it outside with my girlfriends. Have I mentioned the trees are in bloom? OBSESSED.

(2) Running on the Lake

Running outside is so invigorating. My fave place to run in the city? Along the lake! This is the first year since I moved to Chi that I have run on the lake in March in a tank and shorts. I absolutely cannot get enough of bumping to some tunes, people watching/sightseeing, and getting a solid workout in. And the view going south is TO DIE FOR. Seriously? OBSESSED.

(3) Sunset + Rooftop + Wine

That is the view looking south from our rooftop patio last Wednesday (not a high quality image taken on a Blackberry, fail) but amazing nonetheless. Hearing that rain was coming soon, the crew came over to take advantage of the weather. We sipped some wine as the sun set, met some other building residents and enjoyed the view. I envision this as the start to a significant number of similar nights this summer. OBSESSED.

(4) No coat

This is pretty straight forward … until it rains midday and I realize that I have no coat and no umbrella. But whatevs. I LOVE being able to just go. It’s so liberating. OBSESSED.

Congratulations Megan!

In a Special Edition post, I’d like to extend a massive, congratulatory shout out to Megan. Remember? I’m obsessed with her.

Her fashion post inspired by InStyle magazine, landed her in InStyle magazine!

Page 74 of the April issue to be exact:



Check out and subscribe Megan’s blog The Thread Affect by clicking here.