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I’m obsessed with … Gram

I am literally OBSESSED with my Gram.

When I think of Gram, the following words come to mind:

  • thoughtful
  • adventurous
  • selfless
  • energetic
  • beautiful

The list could go on FOREVER. She’s so bomb.

One major benefit of moving to Chicago has been the ability to spend more time with family and I love spending time with Gram. We have a blast whether we’re traveling to Michigan for a weekend visit, shopping at Woodfield, going to the show, touring in London, playing dominoes at the kitchen table, dancing the night away at a wedding, or seeing the penguins in Antarctica.

Gram is so legit.

At the age of 82, Gram went snorkeling for the first time this past summer in Costa Rica — hands down one of my fave Gram memories. As I’m taking a break from swimming with the fishes, I look up and regardless of the fact that Gram is clinging to the guide quite literally … she was crushing it, a true rockstar snorkeler.

Basically I’m the world’s luckiest granddaughter.

Have I mentioned she can cook? Nothing like a home-cooked meal at Gram’s … which I will be enjoying throughout the duration of my LASIK and recovery. Yep, even though it’s actually a 24-hour recovery, I’ve decided I’m stretching it out a full weekend. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Peace. Love. Gram.

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About thetwentysixthyear

September 6, 2011: I turn twenty-six years old. I live and work in downtown Chicago and really can't complain about too much -- great family, great friends, great life. So this is my personal blog. Experiencing and living my twenty-sixth year. I have no idea what to expect or where I'll be one year from now ... but one thing is certain: I will enjoy the ride.

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